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Aboriginal Vibration or Abo Vibe is not a genre it is a return to the spiritual root of the expression of music and art. Music and art is woven into Aboriginal spirituality from war, ancestral communication, to love, etc. The commercial value that comes with it is a bonus, but the value of touching a soul thru it is priceless.”

— Cheye Konick

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Please Note: The music on this website are instrumental songs not "beats", however if an Artist or representative of an Artist wishes to use these compositions for their projects then contact via E-Mail to discuss arrangements.  

Warrior vibe - War frequency playist

The take on the world frequency.

Street Vibe - dark frequency playlist

The FK the world frequency.

Happy Vibe - Joy frequency playlist

The Feel Good Frequency

Relaxed Vibe - Laid back frequency playlist

The chill with a smoke and/or a drink frequency

Inspiration vibe - creative frequency playlist

The change the world frequency